« Myriam project » - Dedicate this sculpture to the mother of your choice

The Myriam Liratti’s foundation – homage to all mothers.

Dedicated to your own mother, to a woman who was like a second mother to you, to the mother of your children, or the one you wished to have. Acknowledge the mother of your choice for helping make you the person you are today by contributing to “Myriam Libratti’s” foundation.

Take part in this “Myriam’s project” where Nathalie Guez, with Hadassah Wizo and Hadassah International have established the Myriam Libratti’s foundation to honor Nathalie’s own mother who passed away in February 2009. For her sake, she has dedicated this “Myriam” sculpture to all mothers.

All funds go to Hadassah’s Hospital in Jerusalem for the purpose of this sculpture’s realization. Myriam Libratti worked all her life as a midwife, including more than 10 years in the maternity ward in Hadassah Hosptial, taking care of women during their stay in the maternity ward.

Designed to be sculpted in Jerusalem stone, this functional sculpture will be an armchair for women and children who come to be treated in the maternity health care building.

This armchair sculpture “Myriam” will be held in the coincidently named “Myriam” garden behind the maternity building.

This garden, already a playground for young kids, helps mothers relax while watching their children play.

All donations and any participation are highly appreciated. Please note that those who contribute $500 or more will be able to dedicate this sculpture to the mother of their choice, by emailing the name as they would like it to appear on a collective plaque next to the sculpture.

To contribute to “Myriam’s “sculpture, dedicated to all mothers, please click on the link below:
(From Canada) http://www.chw.ca/en/page/256/
(International) https://www.hadassahinternational.org/donate/paypal.asp
Please don't forget to mention it is for Myriam Libratti's Memorial Fundation.

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