« She created a chair, a royal throne, which based on the past, rises towards stars… » Emmanuel Bilodeau

Created from an old wash-tub given by the comedian Marie-Hélène Thibeault, to the show « Garage sale » on ARTV.

Unconsciously influenced by René Magritte, « The take-off » arose from a mixture of material which are rarely seen together, like aluminium,wrought iron, galvanized nickel and upholstery.

The « Take-off » is a metaphor. The tub is at the base of the work. It has belonged to the actresses’grand-parents, and it represents the dirty water that we clean, feelings, memories.
On top of it « grows » iron-forged roots, which join to form a tree trunk, with three branches, on which rests the aluminium seat.

The front of the seat is stuff. The back of the armchair is decorated with an aircraft wing motif.

The whole piece is accompanied by a footrest.

From air and cold colors, and the profile of the work wriggles an incredible lightness which makes us believe it could really take off toward success, independance, toward bigger challenges and to the stars.
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