Portrait of portrait chairs

Chairs mirror society. At home, their places around the dinning table unconsciously map the relationships in the family.
At a business meeting, which spot does your colleague take and which one does he leave for you?
In public, where do you choose to sit? On a bench? On the ground? To the side? Especially high? Close to others or alone?
These choices unconsciously reveal where we place ourselves in the world, and where the others place us.

Chairs explore all dimensions of a person, including one’s personality and way of living in the world. How does sitting on the chair we chose make us feel? Does it make us feel small, crushed, anonymous? Or is it on the contrary comfortable, noble, and inviting? A chair projects our identity, expresses our tastes, our art, and asserts our place in the world.

A medium of infinite possibilities, chairs are structured to be remodeled: the material, ergonomics, the shape of its feet, or back, its level of comfort, or color…everything can be rethought. The chair is a functional object, a piece of furniture that can become a work of art that is unique, suggestive, and poetic.

By offering an infinite palette of inspirations, chairs easily become sculptures.
This one a fitting gift for the departing chairman, an armchair that embodies him and reflects the values of his company. That one a "seat for lovers" given by a wife to her husband for their wedding anniversary, a present capable of reviving the flame. Still others of armchairs for the signees of a peace treaty that ends the conflict in the Middle East, among which one would be reserved for Barack Obama. It is an optimistic dream but daring dreaming is a necessity! There could be as many chairs as there are human beings and different situations because chairs are portraits.

For every person who wants to give their home some character. For anyone who searches for creative originality, for collectors, art lovers, interior designers, individuals, and anyone who dares!