About Nathalie Guez

Although born in Paris, Nathalie Guez spent half of her life in Israel before moving permanently to Montreal in 2003, where she creates functional art, specializing in seating. She has participated in several exhibitions and contests all over the world, including Paris, Milan, Valencia, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Montreal and Quebec, and her work has been featured on ARTV. All of her pieces are made in Quebec by carefully chosen Quebecois craftsmen who are as passionate about their work as she is.

Conceived in a style that has been years in the making, Guez’s works are pure, modern, and poetic. She discovered seating to be the best medium to express her reflections on human being, for it is the piece of furniture that most resemble the human body. Her goal is to confer a soul, an identity that is lost in industrial design, into her functional art.

Her chairs are always stylized, juxtaposing round and straight forms, warm and cold colors, purified and sober lines, to reach a sexual balance between the feminine and masculine and become a suggestive, pure work of art. The simplicity that emanates from their lines, expressions of nobility and grace, finds completion in the grandeur of their backs.

If the original art of Nathalie Guez transcribes the amusing perspective with which she perceives life, the elegance of her works reveals her love and respect for human beings and the world. Her symbolic approach gives her work all its power of evocation and leaves it open to all interpretations. Her works can easily become a part of our everyday life because the comfort and the ergonomics remain as important as the aesthetics.
Learn more about her functional, poetic, contemporary, and unique small series furniture here on this website.

By Cécile Watters-Sibuet